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Stickies for Students

Your perfect companion for taking notes, studying, and research

As you may have guessed, Stickies is really good at taking notes! But more than that, it's also great at keeping you and your notes organized. Take it with you anywhere on the web, desktop, and mobile.
Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Each Wall is a subject, a research topic, or class notes

Bring Stickies with you to your lecture and experience how easy and fun it is to take notes. Quickly find your notes with lightning fast search and filtering features. Don't just take text notes - add rick content such as images, drawings, and to-do lists.

Use the Web Assistant to capture content online

Keep track and store references as you are researching online using the Stickies Web Assistant, a lightweight browser extension that makes it easy to bookmark what's in front of you. Get it here: Browser Extension.
Image demonstrating organizing features

Create to-do lists to keep yourself on track

Never miss a deadline by using the built-in task management features such as to-do lists, due dates, labels, and more.
Image demonstrating organizing features

You ready? Try Stickies now for free!

30-Day Free Trial - No credit card required

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