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Stickies for Project Management

Seamlessly manage multiple projects from inception, strategy, to launch

Whether you are brainstorming ideas or tracking the status and progress of your projects, Stickies is the perfect app for visual project management.
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Visual project management at its finest

Humans are visual by nature. Stickies is perfect for organizing your team's tasks, but also for ideation and brainstorming with your team. With the ability to include any kind of content within each sticky note such as images and video, you can take on any kind of project such software, marketing, and more.
Image demonstrating organizing features

Make sense of your work with these organizational features

You can apply labels and assign team members to any sticky note to help you organize your work. The dynamic filtering system lets you find your content easily and quickly without any time-wasting page refreshes. Color-code your sticky notes. You can even set due dates to keep you and your team accountable.
Labels and Tags
Dynamic Filters
Due Dates
Image demonstrating organizing features

Jot down your ideas freely, then organize them with amazing views, labels, and filtering capabilities

Easily switch between views without losing context. You can easily group your kanban columns by status, type, color, and other categories. Each view is remembered so when you come back to your Wall, everything is where you left it.
Kanban View
Gallery View
Free Form View
Labels and Tags
Image demonstrating organizing features

Customize your workflow to make it work for you

It's easy to customize your workflow for any kind of project. You can create custom statuses and reorder them as you see fit. You can create custom types so you can categorize and label sticky notes as tasks, bugs, refactoring, or whatever fits your needs.
Image demonstrating organizing features

You ready? Try Stickies now for free!

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