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Stickies for Software Developers

Keep your software projects on track

Software developers love using Stickies to manage their tasks to ensure that they stay on track. Use custom workflows, reminders, and code curation to level-up your work.
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Take notes and brainstorm during the idea phase

When you're coming up with new features, you often start with rough ideas. Stickies is perfect for generating ideas and comparing different implementation options. Use Stickies to capture inspiration that you find on the web.
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Use the browser Web Assistant to bookmark code concepts and documentation

Software developers gather inspiration from the web. Capture and store code examples, API documentation websites, and programming articles easily from your browser using our Browser Extension.
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Use the Kanban view to track your progress

Customize your workflow to make it work for you

It's easy to customize your workflow for software development. Create custom statuses, reorder them as you see fit. Create custom types so you can categorize and label sticky notes as tasks, bugs, refactoring, and more.
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Curate and collect code snippets

Use Stickies to store code examples and snippets! Make sure that you remember those Linux commands or helpful utilities that keep your productive. Share your Wall with your engineering team so they can see your code collection.
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You ready? Try Stickies now for free!

30-Day Free Trial - No credit card required

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