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Software Development
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Manage your work. Organize your life.

These aren't your average sticky notes. Stickies is a fun visual way to manage team projects and tasks, curate content, brainstorm, and more.

A versatile app that can handle whatever you're working on

Whether you are in project management, content marketing, software development or simply looking to organize your life, take notes, or capture ideas, Stickies is the solution for you.
Manage Projects
Curate Content
Take Notes
Organize Your Life
Generate Ideas

Bring order to your chaos

With multiple views, labels, colors, and a dynamic filtering system, Stickies has all of the tools you need to stay organized. You have the freedom to scatter your thoughts in any way that works best for you.
Kanban View
Gallery View
Labels and Tags
Dynamic Filters
Image demonstrating organizing features

Integrates with the tools you love 💙

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Available on multiple platforms

Available on multiple platforms

Mobile (PWA)
Firefox Coming Soon
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