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Stickies for Remote Teams

Work like you're all in the same room

Remote teams love using Stickies to stay on the same page and collaborate asynchronously, no matter where they are in the world.
Free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

Work with your team asynchronously, no matter where they are

Each Wall is designed for multiple collaborators. When a team member creates a note or any change for that matter, you will see it immediately. Never miss a beat with real-time collaboration.

Communication and messaging features built-in

Think of Walls as a way to group your work, just like projects. Each Wall has its own chat and messaging features so that all communication remains in context with the content.
Stay on the same page with Wall Chat
Each Wall has its own team chat. Make sure that your team messages are relevant to each unique Wall workspace.
Get your team's attention with Mentions
Mention your team members like you would with any other collaborative app. They will receive an email notification.
Leave comments on each sticky note
Treat each sticky note as separate tasks or an action item. Use comments to track work for each individual sticky note.

You ready? Try Stickies now for free!

30-Day Free Trial - No credit card required

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